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Amazing Pursuit

Amazing Pursuit
I was working with a young man yesterday on developing his basketball skills and I asked him, “How good do you want to be?”
He said, “I want to be good.”

 I said, “Then we are wasting time. Tell me again, how good do you want to be?”

He thought for a second and then replied, “I want to be amazing!”

Immediately I responded back, “Then you have to have an amazing pursuit with amazing effort!!”

In other words what ever it is that you want you will only obtain it to the degree of your pursuit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger approached his workouts with a failure mentality meaning he never had a set agenda of 3 sets of whatever reps.  He did every set to failure… until he could do no more.  That’s extreme but he got amazing results. 

Kobe is legendary for his work ethic.  It is no wonder that he will go down as one of the top 5 players to ever play the game of basketball.  Some would even argue he is better then Michael Jordan.

Martin Luther King had an amazing pursuit of equality.

Mahatma Gandhi had an amazing pursuit of justice.

My goal is to have an amazing pursuit of my Heavenly Father.  (Matthew 6:33)

So remember, an amazing pursuit will produce amazing results!

Be blessed!



Broken is the place where God can truly be God in our lives.  Swallowing our pride can be the hardest thing to do but I believe it is the beginning to life.  In todays society we are flooded with self help books, blogs, articles, etc. but God never said that we will find Him through these types of information.  He said to seek me, trust me, and honor me.  God is in the business of restoring lives and creating something more beautiful then we could possibly imagine or think but it is through our complete brokenness.  On our knees is where we find Him.  No matter how successful or unsuccessful we think we are, we are nothing without Him.  You know what?  God is looking for opportunities…opportunities to fill open hearts.  Give Him that chance and the most beautiful thing will happen.  LIFE!!  LOVE!!  PURPOSE!!  So run to Him now, with an open heart, as a little child.  He will be there.

God Bless!!

'Going For It'

Going After It
What do you want to be?  I asked this to my 13 year old basketball team and most of them want to be in the NBA.  Ask this question to most adults and they would probably answer with ‘I want to be rich and successful’.  Regardless of what you want to be, that desire will ultimately require you to ‘Go after it’.  Your dreams or desires will never just stumble upon you.  It will require your effort.  The following are some ways of positioning yourself to achieve your dreams.

Talk…  I believe you have to talk about your dreams or desires.  Talking will create mental pictures and stir up a belief system that this can be done.  Talking will enlarge your dreams.

Meditate…  Think about your dreams or desires often.  Keep them fresh on your mind.  I have known people to create vision boards to keep these dreams fresh in their minds.  Whatever you focus on tends to expand.

Act…  If you are talking and meditating as you should, you should be moved to actions.  You have to take steps to move forward.  Start with little steps.  Set goals and chop them up where you can begin some action.  If your goal is 100 pushups per day then start with doing 10 per day.  If you want to be successful, start reading behind successful people and study their work ethics.  If you want your college degree, begin with taking one or two classes.  Little steps can create momentum.

Be Patient…  In your patience, possess your will to keep going.  Patience with good work ethics produces in you the ability to advance consistently in your dreams.  Remember the old saying that ‘hard work pays off’.  The payoff is later so keep your head down and feet moving.

Be Disciplined…  Stay focused.  Do not let anything derail your efforts of talking, meditating, and taking actions toward your dreams and desires.

Be Accountable…  Find someone who cares about you and want to see you fulfill your dreams and submit yourself to them.  Talk with them about your dreams and submit your plan of actions to them.  Meet with them weekly for encouragement and also chastisement (if necessary).  You have to be willing to be chastised.

There are many other characteristics or virtues that could be applied but these 5 will at least get you rolling.

Remember this…No matter what your dreams or desires, it is still just a platform to give honor and glory to God.  Seek God for His plan for your life.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Be blessed!

Class of '13 to College

The Ball4Life class of 2013 will be moving on to college this fall. Five members from last summers team will be playing college basketball.

Thomas Bacon - Tabor College (Kansas)

Jordan Phelps - Northern Oklahoma College

Larry Marshall - Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Dontae Campbell - Rogers State University

Jordan Huffman - Rogers State University

We are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to seeing them play on the college level. 

We are also proud of Bradley Smiling, Mitchell Rovang, and Brennen Adams as they plan on attending college next fall and will focus on their academics.  These young men have tremendous leadership potential and we look forward to seeing them mature into men that will lead their generation.

All in all, we will miss these guys but are excited for them as well.  We came a long way as some of these guys have been a part of Ball4Life since elementary school.

Best wishes to them all.



Jordan is selected to OCA All-State

Huffman, a 6-foot-3 guard, was named Oklahoma Association All-State.  A three year starter, Huffman helped the Tigers to the class 6A state tournament as a senior while averaging 16 points, 3.6 rebounds, 2.6 assist, and 1.6 steals.  Huffman will play for the large east team at Oral Roberts University on August 1st.

Congrats to Jordan Huffman.

Dontae - Player of the Week

Congrats to Dontae for being named Tulsa World player of the week and Fox News player of the week.  As Broken Arrow comes down the stretch Dontae has been a huge part of their advancement through the playoffs.  Dontae has played well with dazzling dunks, big blocks, and timely charges to go along with his inspired passion that fuels the team. 

Thomas signs with Tabor

Congrats to Thomas Bacon for signing with Tabor College.  Thomas will be a Blue Jay for the next 4 years and we are excited for him and his family.  Thomas has been a part of the B4L family since middle school.  In only the second game of his senior year, Thomas suffered a season ending knee injury but with successful knee surgery and a strong work ethic we know he will be back to full strength and with a renewed passion for the game.  Thomas plans to major in physical therapy/sports medicine while at Tabor. Congratulations Thomas!! 



Stop making excuses.

Taking inventory of your life.

  -evaluate all your experiences

  -learn from mistakes 

  -what are my assets/talents

     â€¢use them for God

Act in faith

  -you need faith to change

  -what you focus in tends to

    reproduce in your life.

Refocus your thoughts

  -the way you think determines 

    the way you feel.

  -meditation on the Word brings 

   'good success'

Trust God to help you succeed

   -success in your life is not trying

    harder but giving God control

    of your life.


Rhema Bible Church by Pastor Hagin (1/13/2013)


It may be early in your life but everyone will come to a point where they ask what have I done with my life. Rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, whatever your state of being, you will come to that point.  I challenge you right now to begin to think about your life in the context of what will your legacy be. 

Your legacy is determined by people. So how many people are in your vision?  If the answer is none then most likely your legacy will be nothing.  If your vision is about people then your legacy will be great and long lasting.  History books are filled with people that have impacted people, positively or negatively.  I am not talking about people that merely succeeded in the sports realm or acting or whatever but I am talking about people that have impacted this world somehow or the other.  The world can only be impacted through people.  I believe everyone somehow or the other has a purpose that is more then self but it is for the building up and encouraging of others.

A great man once said "I did not come to be served, but to serve".  The late Zig Zigler said "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want".  That reminds me of Matthew 6:33 - But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.  

So once again I challenge you to think of the legacy you will leave.  Expand your thinking to incorporate those in need (everyone can fit this somehow).  Legacies are built through people.  Let love govern your mind and your thinking.  Love never fails.  Love produces the 'impossible'.  Love gives freedom.  Love leaves a phenomenal legacy.  


'The End of the Season - The End of an Era'

Season End

The 2012 season has come to an end for the 17U Ball 4 Life squad. The July period had some ups and some downs but we finished with a victory over the KC Spurs.  July started with a second place finish at Jim Cox's Hardwoods III.  In Dallas at the Great American Shootout we played well but lost some close games and got eliminated in the second round of bracket play.  I thought we competed very well.  At the KC Hardwood Classic we played really well but lost in the championship bracket to Ray Jackson's Rising Stars who were led by highly recruited Domininc Woodson, a 6'10" 288 lb. big man.  All in all, I thought we had a successful spring and summer.  The guys put in some good work and hopefully they will return to their high schools as better players and ready to become leaders.  We finished the 2012 season 28-16.


End of an Era

This team will always have a special place with me.  I have coached most of these young men since middle school...two of them since the 4th grade.  From baby fat to beards, these young men have taught me alot and have helped me see the necessity for a program such as this.  We were more than a basketball team...we were a basketball family.  Well let me take that back...we are a basketball family.  I hope that coach Heath and I have had a lasting positive impression on their lives.  I will continue to pray God's blessing upon their lives and I look forward to seeing their maturing in to men.  Wow! I just heard Boyz II Men sing 'End of the Road'...LOL.  I will always love these young men.



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