Broken is the place where God can truly be God in our lives.  Swallowing our pride can be the hardest thing to do but I believe it is the beginning to life.  In todays society we are flooded with self help books, blogs, articles, etc. but God never said that we will find Him through these types of information.  He said to seek me, trust me, and honor me.  God is in the business of restoring lives and creating something more beautiful then we could possibly imagine or think but it is through our complete brokenness.  On our knees is where we find Him.  No matter how successful or unsuccessful we think we are, we are nothing without Him.  You know what?  God is looking for opportunities…opportunities to fill open hearts.  Give Him that chance and the most beautiful thing will happen.  LIFE!!  LOVE!!  PURPOSE!!  So run to Him now, with an open heart, as a little child.  He will be there.

God Bless!!