'Going For It'

Going After It
What do you want to be?  I asked this to my 13 year old basketball team and most of them want to be in the NBA.  Ask this question to most adults and they would probably answer with ‘I want to be rich and successful’.  Regardless of what you want to be, that desire will ultimately require you to ‘Go after it’.  Your dreams or desires will never just stumble upon you.  It will require your effort.  The following are some ways of positioning yourself to achieve your dreams.

Talk…  I believe you have to talk about your dreams or desires.  Talking will create mental pictures and stir up a belief system that this can be done.  Talking will enlarge your dreams.

Meditate…  Think about your dreams or desires often.  Keep them fresh on your mind.  I have known people to create vision boards to keep these dreams fresh in their minds.  Whatever you focus on tends to expand.

Act…  If you are talking and meditating as you should, you should be moved to actions.  You have to take steps to move forward.  Start with little steps.  Set goals and chop them up where you can begin some action.  If your goal is 100 pushups per day then start with doing 10 per day.  If you want to be successful, start reading behind successful people and study their work ethics.  If you want your college degree, begin with taking one or two classes.  Little steps can create momentum.

Be Patient…  In your patience, possess your will to keep going.  Patience with good work ethics produces in you the ability to advance consistently in your dreams.  Remember the old saying that ‘hard work pays off’.  The payoff is later so keep your head down and feet moving.

Be Disciplined…  Stay focused.  Do not let anything derail your efforts of talking, meditating, and taking actions toward your dreams and desires.

Be Accountable…  Find someone who cares about you and want to see you fulfill your dreams and submit yourself to them.  Talk with them about your dreams and submit your plan of actions to them.  Meet with them weekly for encouragement and also chastisement (if necessary).  You have to be willing to be chastised.

There are many other characteristics or virtues that could be applied but these 5 will at least get you rolling.

Remember this…No matter what your dreams or desires, it is still just a platform to give honor and glory to God.  Seek God for His plan for your life.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Be blessed!