Ball 4 Life is a basketball ministry created to teach our youth about the gospel of Jesus Christ and equip them with the principles to fulfill the desires in their heart.  We want to help stimulate the dreams and desires of our youth while leading them down the correct path to making those dreams a reality.  Leadership is an avenue that we will pursue and study for enlightenment as our youth will be called to be leaders in some capacity in their lives.  Ball 4 Life will offer a chance to play competitive basketball while learning and applying the principles taught.  

In 1 Corinthians 13:8, we see that love never fails.  Love is the foundation for Ball 4 Life.  Love is the foundation for all good success.  Everybody involved with the handling of our youth will have a passion to see our youth develop into young men and women with purpose and the principles to achieve all their dreams.  

We want our youth to see the competitiveness of this game on a national level.  We believe this type of exposure will help in the development of their game, increase work ethics, and expose them to college recruiters.  Ball 4 Life expects each student to be a light to others in every activity we choose to participate.  Ball 4 Life is a ministry and we expect our lifestyles to be a reflection of how God expects us to live.

Ball 4 Life is an opportunity for all youth who are willing to commit their time to the program.